Bandwrestling - new age of sport


About bandwrestling

Bandwrestling is a new sport. It is without contact wrestling

This discipline is the best of tug-of-war, classical wrestling, aikido and other popular sports.

It is simple: stand on your feet, hold on to the 2 bands, unbalance or "battlefield" of an opponent who does the same.
Dynamics and statics, excitement and adrenaline, game and confrontation.

In bandwrestling, ALL muscles work and he develops five physical qualities simultaneously: speed, endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination.

for competitors

1st - 3rd place

Get the right to participate in the Republican Championship U.R. on band wrestling in the School League

gifts from sponsors

In addition to the cherished medal, a nice bonus will be the awarding of winners with valuable gifts from sponsors.

Also, participants will receive photos with the best moments in fights.  

Wrestlers Raiting

Participants who took from 1 to 6 place for each victory will receive certain points. And at the end of the year, the one who scored the most points and will be in the top of the rating in his weight category will receive a valuable prize from our sponsors.

Bandwrestling Rules

Feedback from those who have already tried:


Competitions were held only among juniors from 5 to 11 class. In four weight categories: up to 50kg, up to 60kg, up to 70kg and over 70kg.

In the future, we plan to increase the number of categories: 40-45-50-55-60-65-70 and over 70kg.

And also allow girls to compete with the same number of categories

Competition Reglaments: 

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Perhaps one of the few sports where the use of doping will not bring any results. Generally, doping enhances one of the physical properties, such as strength, speed, or endurance. In berestrestling, one thing does not solve, the coherence of all qualities is important. 


To win in the bandrestling, no special simulators are needed, there is no arms race for the best equipment, outfit or expensive paraphernalia. Sportswear, non-slippery athletic shoes - all you need from your outfit to win

about founder

Roman Borisov

Trainer. Sportsman. Enthusiast.
Candidate of master of sports in armwrestling.
Armwrestling 1st category judge.
Champion and medalist of the federal district of the city of Denver State of Colorado 2009-2010 in Arm Wrestling.
Personal trainer with 9 years of experience.
Сreated bandwrestling  26th of September 2018 ^in the fitness studio RealFit-3, where he works as a major trainer
The creator of the author's training method with rubber loops.
Brand owner rubber loops "Bandwrestling"
Speaker of interregional fitness conferences

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